How to Make Cold Brew Coffee


Iced coffee is the perfect way to cool down and perk up. Howdini shows you how to cold brew at home for better tasting coffee at a fraction of the cost.

Transcript The first step is grinding. Keep things coarse to avoid cloudy, silty coffee and use a 1/3 cup grounds to 1 1/2 cups water ratio. Pour this into a large container. Gradually add cold water. Cooling down hot coffee creates greater acidity, so herein lies the beauty of a true cold brew! Gently stir to make sure all of the grounds are moistened. Take it easy, you don't want to agitate the coffee too much, which can increase acidity. Cover and let stand at room temperature or in the fridge for about 12 hours. Get things ready in the evening for fresh coffee by morning. To drain, line the opening of a container with a nut milk bag, or a coffee filter-lined colander. Cheesecloth works great too. Carefully pour coffee through the sieve into a pitcher, stopping when you reach the solids at the bottom. This might take a few minutes so while we wait, here's a few more reasons why cold-brew is so awesome: -Produces less quinic acid, which is easier on the tummy -Lower acidity means less bitterness and more room for the caramel and chocolaty flavors to come through...yum! -Coffee concentrate can last 2-3 weeks in the fridge Discard the grounds (which are great for your compost pile) and repeat if needed. Keep in mind this stuff is strong, so be sure to dilute with lots of ice, milk, water, or all of the above! Invest in a cold travel tumbler or keep it classic with an old jar.
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