How to Fold a T-Shirt in Under 10 Seconds: Howdini Hacks


Transform your drawers and closets and tame those laundry piles with this tricky-to-learn but easy-to-master technique for folding t-shirts in seconds! Howdini shows you how with this awesome hack.

Transcript Lay your tshirt down on a flat surface. Lightly pinch one third of the way between the collar and shoulder seam. Follow the fold line to about halfway down the length and lightly pinch there. Without letting go, fold the shoulder pinch over the midway pinch to the seam at the bottom of the shirt, again following that imaginary fold line down the shirt. Here things get a little tricky, so we're gonna slow it down. Still pinching, lift shirt and uncross your arms and with one final fold, you're done! once you get the hang of it, you'll be a t-shirt folding machine!
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  • Jenn Enloe

    Jenn Enloe Executive Producer | Howdini Guru A video producer, writer and digital media strategist, Jenn is the Creator/Originator of Howdini’s original video series "Howdini Hacks", which has enjoyed viral success across the web.
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