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Are you looking for a more dramatic twist to your everyday eye makeup routine? Try out the "smoky eye"! Join makeup artist, Nichole Servin, as she reveals her expert tips and technique to building the perfect sexy, smoky eye look.

Transcript So I want to show you a little bit more of a dramatic eye. Something kind of sexy. A Smokey Eye. How do you feel about that? Great. OK. So for the Smokey Eye, the first step is let's start with the Mineral Fusion eyeliner in coal. It's a black. I'm just putting it on, right on your lash line. And a little haphazardly. You don't have to be too neat about it. Just get it all the way across. Let's do the other eye. Turn that way. And really make sure that you get it right up to your lash line. Because it's a Smokey Eye, if you miss a spot, it'll be really obvious. so just draw it right on your lashes. I'm just lining you're lower lash line, right at the edge. Right where your lashes come out, actually. And I'm almost dotting it on. OK. Let's turn you this way. So now I'm going to smudge it. Close. And I'm just using a cotton swab. And you really want to make sure it's just blended so you don't see a harsh line. The same thing on the bottom. Feel how I'm just staying right on the lash line? So then I'm going to go and use the Mineral Fusion eye trio. This is great for a Smokey Eye because it has everything you need, highlight, contour, and then if you're going to use something on the lid. That's kind of like the drama. I'm going to start with the darkest color in the trio. Close your eyes. And then I'm just going to place it. And basically, what I'm doing, is I'm setting the pencil. Because the pencil is a little more emollient. And I don't want this Smokey Eye to move. Same thing for the bottom. I'll just get it right at your lash line. Good job. So you got the base on. And now I'm going to blend with the contour brush. Close. I'm just going right over the edge of where I put the shadow and the liner. I'm just blending it in. Look straight up for me. I'm going to do the same thing at the bottom. But I'm going to use the brush and hold it perpendicular to your face. And when you're working on the inner eye you can just from the inside, and work your way out. And the outer part, outside, work your way in. Now in essence, you could have this look. Put mascara on. But I want to take it a little bit further. So I'm going to use the next, the mid-color, it's the shimmering color of the trio. And I'm going to use another eye brush. And just dip it in. Saturate both sides of it. Tap off the excess. And this is going to go all over your eyelid. So go ahead and close your eyes for me. And I going to start at the base. Let's do the other side. And again, same application, start at the base of the eye and just work right up to the crease. And now I'm going to go in with the contour brush and just blend that edge. Close you eyes. Just really delicately. Second to last step is the highlight. And that's the lightest color in the trio so I'm using a clean brush. I don't want to put black on there. Tap it off. Close you eyes. I'm just lightly pressing it on. The other side. And I'm starting right underneath your arch and I'm working out. And see, I'm just patting it, and not brushing it in. OK. And I'm going to get a clean brush and blend. Close. And the last thing, I want to just go over the top liner-- close your eyes-- just to enhance it a little bit more. And now mascara. So I'm going to use the lengthening mascara from Mineral Fusion, in black. And this is really what pulls the whole look together. If you wear Smokey Eyes and you don't put mascara on it's like you're not getting the full effect. So look straight down for me. So I'm going to start right at the base. Get it on there and just wiggle it out. What that does is, it's going to fan your eyelashes and separate them. And once I get that I'm going to go back in and coat your whole lash. So again, at the center, the edge. And now I'm going to go through and coat. Look down. You have great eyelashes. And just use whatever is left over, on your spoolie or on your mascara wand, and just use the tip and go back and forth. Just a little more mascara. Let's use a Q-tip. If you twist it, it takes the mascara right off and doesn't mess up the rest off your makeup. OK. Look up once more. I'm just going to blend. All right. So we're finished. All done. A quick, easy, sexy, Smokey Eye.
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