How to overcome the pain after a failed relationship


Is your heart still aching from a painful breakup? Personal strategist Charly Emery provides advice for women who are in emotional pain after a failed relationship.

Transcript You know, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you failed in a relationship, but I think the most important thing to recognize is that every relationship is actually a lesson, even the one that you keep, even the one that you perceive yourself succeeding in because you are still in it. The reality is, there is no failure in a relationship because every single one of us is a mirror for each other. There’s always something that we are supposed to get from it and if you really want to take a relationship that you ended and have total success with it then figure out why you chose it because see, every relationship that you step out of actually has even more gifts and hidden nuggets inside in it sometimes than the relationship that you are in. Look at it; assess it. Why did you choose him? How long did you stay? Why did you stay, and what did you learn when everything was said and done? If you can take your eyes off yourself for just a second and put them on the relationship and who you were in that relationship and why you were in that relationship you’d be amazed and you’ll take your Mr. Wrongs and have them lead you straight to Mr. Right.
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  • Charly Emery

    Charly Emery Personal Strategist Charly, a trauma survivor, helps women recycle their experiences into tools that propel them forward in their lives. Her book is hailed by readers as the bible of relationships, and she is a frequent contributor on television, in print and across the web. more about this expert »

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