How to choose the best 3D glasses (active or passive)

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Television expert Perry Hoberman explains the science behind 3D glasses to help you understand the differences between them. From weight to cost, consumer electronics pro Bob Lawton, stacks up the competition to make a case for which is the better option.

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  • Perry Hoberman

    Perry Hoberman History of Media Electronics Expert Perry Hoberman is a media, installation and performance artist whose work has been presented widely throughout the United States and Europe. more about this expert »

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  • Bob Lawton

    Bob Lawton National Training Manager for LG Home Electronics Bob Lawton has been involved in the Consumer Electronics industry for over twenty years and is currently LG’s National Training Manager for Home Electronics. Bob joined Zenith Electronics in 1995 after working for several years selling TVs and appliance for various retailers. more about this expert »

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