How to maintain variety when eating chicken multiple times per week


Eating grilled chicken over and over can get pretty boring. The Bikini Chef Susan Irby shares how to incorporate a variety of flavors when cooking chicken multiple times per week.

Transcript Well, one of my favorite ways of making chicken, chicken tastes good frequently because it is good for you. It’s healthy. It’s a good protein. It’s versatile and because it’s versatile you can do a lot with it. So sure you hear the grilling, bake it, whatever. That gets boring. You know what you do is you spruce it up different ways with different…one night have it with a fresh salsa, grilled with a fresh salsa; the next night poach it in some white wine with lemon and fresh rosemary – oh, it’s to die for. You don’t need olive oil for any of these things. Just a little salt and pepper. Then the next night if you are having it, dice it up and make some baked chicken fingers or better yet, put some spices on, get the chicken tenders, put them on a skewer and then put some curry spice. Do you like a curry spice blend with whatever you have in your cabinet, so of course a little salt and pepper, some curry, some paprika – those are easy spices that most people have in their cabinet, and throw in maybe a little bit of soy sauce, not too much because it’s really high in sodium, even a low-sodium soy sauce is high in sodium. So just use a tiny bit and some balsamic vinegar maybe a little bit. Mix that all together. You can throw in a little bit of honey, but the point is you get all your flavor right there and then you coat the chicken and then bake it or pan fry it or pan grill it on the stove top, and those are completely different flavors, copletely different textures and one is on a skewer, one is a whole chicken breast. Dice it up if you like; toss it in your salad. One of my favorite things to do is dice up the chicken really fine, after it’s cooked of course, and mix it with some brown rice, some grilled veggies like asparagus tips, little bit of green onion and whatever spices you like, cayenne pepper is a good one, some fresh cilantro or freshly chopped parsley – mix it all up and put it in a whole red bell pepper. Bake it in the oven for about 40 minutes. Another great way to have chicken and it’s a whole meal. You don’t really even need anything else. It’s so good for you.
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