Howdini Hacks: 5 Clever Ways to Use a Coffee Mug


The coffee mug is no longer just for coffee! This everyday object has more uses than you could imagine. Howdini shares 5 clever ways to use a coffee mug that will change your life! (Or at least brighten your day.)

Transcript Whether your oven is broken or you're just craving a quick treat, coffee mug brownies are simple and surprisingly delicious! Start by adding your wet ingredients and a pinch of salt, and whisk well. Next, add your dry ingredients, whisking well in between each one. Keep whisking! Pop it in the microwave for about a minute, and top with ice cream! Few things are as frustrating as trying to slice with a dull knife. No sharpener on hand? Turn a coffee mug upside down and sharpen the blade using the ceramic edge of the mug like a sharpening stone. Hold the blade at a slight angle and rotate the knife in tiny circles, moving from the base to the tip. Finish with a long swipe. Repeat on the reverse side. OK, time for a BLT! Bet you didn't know you could poach an egg in the microwave. Crack the egg into in a mug of water and watch the magic happen in just one to two minutes. Now all you need to do is fill another mug with coffee and breakfast is served. If you're heating up last night's leftovers for two, you don't have to choose who gets their food first. You can use a coffee mug as a platform, and you'll both be eating in no time. If you're looking to pump up the volume, placing your phone into an empty mug will amplifiy the sound from your phone speaker. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our channel for more, and tell us your favorite hacks in the comments below. They just might appear in an upcoming Howdini video.
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