How to Chop Parsley: Howdini Hacks


Chopping parsley is a breeze with this easy tip. Howdini shares how to chop parsley with a great technique that removes the leaves from the stems quickly. Fresh chopped parsley in no time!

Transcript Chopping fresh green herbs is a breeze with this easy trick. Keeping the bunch tight, use a chef's knife to shave at an angle to remove stems. You won't lose leaves in the process or have to chop each stalk individually. If you missed any, gather a bunch of them together and repeat. Save the stems! Parsley and cilantro stems add amazing flavor to broth.
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    Jenn Enloe Executive Producer | Howdini Guru A video producer, writer and digital media strategist, Jenn is the Creator/Originator of Howdini’s original video series "Howdini Hacks", which has enjoyed viral success across the web.
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