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We're all addicted to our smartphones, but did you know that you can make the device you love even better with a few simple hacks? Get the most out of your iPhone 5s with these iOS 7 tips and tricks from Howdini.

Transcript Have you ever accidentally deleted an email and struggled to recover it? Next time, just shake your phone and it will undo the action. It works for pretty much everything. Of course. You're about to run out the door and your phone is redlining on 20% battery power. If you need to get the most of a desperate last-minute charge, turn the phone to airplane mode and it will charge way faster. Another trick to preserve battery life is to clean up those sneaky apps working in the background by double-clicking the home button and swiping away. When you finish typing a sentence, your reflex is to hit the period key. But if you hit the space bar twice, you're ready to start a new sentence! In the era of the selfie, this trick is a life changer. It increases stabitlity and the cable is longer than your arm. In the era of the selfie, this trick is a life changer. It increases stabitlity and the cable is longer than anyone's arm - including Bradley Cooper's. What do you think of that, Ellen? Some reminders are most helpful when set for a specific time, like when to pick up your kid from school or when to drag yourself out of bed. Other reminders work better based on where you are. Thanks to location-based alerts, you can be reminded of your coworker's birthday the minute you step into the office, or to buy milk once you get to the grocery store. Does it take more than a beep or a vibration to get your attention? Never miss another text, email or phone call by setting up LED flash alerts. This also comes in handy if you have a bottomless pit for a handbag. Just spotted Beyonce or the President and have to act fast to get a photo? There's a good chance it's going to be blurry. Avoid this by using ""burst mode."" Your camera will take 10 images per second and you'll be able to select and keep your favorite ones. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our channel for more, and tell us your favorite iPhone tips and tricks in the comments below. Oh, and p.s... bananas make great iphone stands.
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