How cortisol and estrogen levels can affect concentration and memory


Where in the world did you put those car keys?! Dr. Marianne Legato explains how the hormones cortisol and estrogen affect a woman's ability to concentrate and retain information.

Transcript Women with high cortisol levels have trouble concentrating and remembering. Estrogen levels that are too low impair our ability to think clearly and certainly impact memory and the "Where did I leave my glasses and my car keys," is often alleviated by hormone treatment in the post-menopausal patient.
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  • Dr. Marianne J Legato

    Dr. Marianne J Legato Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University Dr. Marianne J. Legato is an academic physician, author, lecturer and specialist in women's health. She's Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Founder/Director of the Partnership for Women’s Health. more about this expert »

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