How to have a great smile on your wedding day


Every bride wants a radiant smile on her wedding day! Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Cantor, shares tips on how to whiten and brighten your smile so you look your best on your very special day.

Transcript Hi, I'm Katrina Szish for Howdini. Today we're going to talk about how to get a beautiful smile for your wedding. To do that, I'm joined by cosmetic dentist Doctor Brian Cantor. Nice to see you. Nice to see you. So as the big day approaches, a lot of brides worry about their pictures, especially because they're going to be wearing white. So they worry about how their teeth are going to look. Well, for many women, the wedding day is the most important day of their entire life. You're going to take an exorbitant amount of pictures. And the last thing you want to have happen is having a lack of confidence when you smile. Because they should be smiling all night long. You also don't want your teeth to appear yellow against your white dress. So what I tell all my patients, in a few months leading up to the wedding, is avoid eating or drinking anything that can stain your teeth. Because unfortunately, anything that can stain a white t-shirt can possibly stain your teeth. So avoid eating or drinking red wine, coffee, tea, berries, unless you're going to be diligent about using whitening products or surface stain removal for your teeth. OK, now I think a lot of brides could probably make the commitment to avoid those foods. Because they're in the commitment mode, anyway. But what about the actual color of their teeth? Well, a few months before the wedding they should see their dentist and see if they're a candidate for a smile makeover. Everyone can improve their smile. Some people need a lot more improvement. So then we would do a smile makeover such as porcelain veneers. Now, porcelain veneers is the Rolls Royce of cosmetic dentistry. It really can transform any smile into a beautiful smile. It can correct people with dark stained teeth. It can correct people with crowded teeth. It can correct when you have an aging smile. An aging smile is when your lips start to sag and your teeth are shortened from grinding. It can correct that and make your smile look very natural and beautiful. Wow. If you don't have that big of a budget or if your smile is not that bad, maybe you're a candidate for bonding. You're very stressed leading up to your wedding. So you may grind your teeth. And clenching can cause chips on the inside ledges so the edges look chipped. So maybe bonding would be good for you. And if you have even a beautiful smile, maybe you just need to freshen up or brighten up your smile with bleaching. Now, there are three ways you can bleach your teeth. The first way is in-office professional whitening. That's done in the dental office. And it has a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. And the bleach remains isolated on your teeth for about an hour or so. That's the strongest way you can bleach your teeth. Then the dentist can also make you custom-made trays. The trays you take home with you and use for about an hour or two for about a week. And that also has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. And that also remains isolated on your teeth. The third way you could bleach your teeth is over-the-counter products. And over-the-counter products, there are many of them. What you would want to look for in an over-the-counter product is something that remains isolated on your teeth well, like, for example, the Crest Whitestrips. The way a bleaching agent works is twofold. One is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. And the second way is how well the bleaching agent remains isolated on your teeth. So the whitestrips they have a technology that actually allows the bleach to remain isolated on your teeth for a long duration of time. That's amazing. Now, is this safe to do at home? It is safe to do. There are no long-term harmful effects from bleaching. It doesn't damage the enamel. The only thing it can possibly do is cause some sensitivity for about a day or two or possibly can irritate your gums. But it's only temporary. And there's no long-term harmful effects. Now, how well do these at-home products work? They work. They're much more inexpensive and much more affordable than in-office treatments. But it does work. And it's not going to be instantaneous. It may take a longer time to see results. But they do work. The big day is finally here. So how can a bride get her smile big day ready? Well, you want to buy some over-the-counter whitening products. The whitening products will remove surface stains to make your teeth appear whiter. Make sure you wear a contrasting red lipstick. That red lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter than they actually are. You do not want to have orange lipstick. The orange undertones will make your teeth appear yellower. So avoid orange and use red. Thank you so much stuff, Doctor Cantor. Thank you. All right, brides, I think you're officially ready for your big day. Let's recap. Avoid foods that can stain your teeth. Give yourself a smile makeover. Find the angle that is your best and use it. Use that dazzling new smile to your advantage. To get your mouth ready for each photo, the right shade and type of lipstick, wet your mouth, and relax your lips. On behalf of Crest 3D White, I'm Katrina Szish for Howdini. For more information, check out the website.
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