How to apply mineral makeup in 5 minutes for that natural look


What's all the fuss about mineral makeup these days? Join makeup artist Nichole Servin as she describes the benefits and application process for one of the biggest trends in makeup today—mineral!

Transcript Mineral makeup is a natural makeup. It's a makeup that's actually good for your skin. It's great for sensitive skin. It won't make you break out. It has natural, light reflectors in it which evens out your skin tone. And minimizes the appearance of fine lines. OK, so the first I'm going to start with is the tinted moisturizer. I love this product. And this is a great example of a liquid, mineral tint. That looks good. Now you can apply this with a sponge, with your fingers, with a brush. I'm going to use a sponge. And I'm going to start the center of your face and I work my way out. OK? So you can feel I'm just patting it on. And then blending it down. That feels very light. Yes. That is the nice thing about this tint. Is that's it's very light, yet it has great coverage. And it gives you a really beautiful glow. Mineral Fusion has three shades, warm, neutral, and olive. Now I chose the olive because this is the closest to your skin tone. OK. Let's get your forehead last. Now if you notice I'm starting the center and just working my way out. And blending. OK. So how does that feel? It feels weightless. Perfect. This is actually-- I think mineral makeup is really great for someone who doesn't wear makeup, or like to wear makeup, because they won't feel it. OK. I want to use a bronzer on you. And this is actually a great example of the mineral makeup in a powder form. I love this bronzer. There's a mat and there's a shimmer. And the shimmer acts more like a highlight. So I'm going to use the blush brush. And just tap the brush in. Tap off the excess. And I'm just sweeping it across your cheek. Can you feel where I'm applying it? And what this does, it just gives you like a nice little glow. Because this is a bronzer it doesn't have pink or red. It mimics more of what your skin would if you were out in the sun. More natural looking. Exactly. OK. Let's put a little bit of the glow. The glow is for the highlight. And what that does is it accentuates your bone structure. And I'm putting it on all the high plains of your face. Right above the brows, right up here above the cheekbone. The top of your nose. The top of your chin. You can even go here. Now if you're going out you can put it on your arms, and what not. It looks really pretty. Yes. The last step, I really love these, the mineral fusion lip glosses. They have a great pigment. And they're really, really, silky on your lips, as opposed to being sticky like a lot of glosses. I'm actually going to use a concealer brush. And when you're applying this you can just apply it right off the tube. Now go ahead and rub you lips together and see how it feels. Yeah, it's not tacky at all. Nice, huh? Very smooth. And it has a nice intent; little tint. OK, great. So that's a very simple, basic five minutes mineral makeup look. And you look fresh. And you're glowing. And it's very natural. Thank you, so much. You're welcome.
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