How does weight management affect a woman's self-esteem?


How do you see yourself? Fat? Skinny? Just right? Dr. Daemon Jones explains how a woman's self-esteem is influenced by weight management.

Transcript Weight management, I do that a lot in my practice, and I notice that it affects women’s self-esteem in many different levels. One of the things that I have noticed is when women come into the office, if they have a, if they are carrying more weight than their frame can manage, which is the way that I like to look at it and think about it, than they may not be wearing clothes that they feel good in or they feel sexy and they may be trying to hide themselves, and they may not really be willing to actually share who they are with the people around them. And as I start working with them and I talk to them about how they are using their food as a nutritional source for them, how is it feeding them as individuals. If they are feeding their children and they are skipping their breakfast for themselves, then I start to tell them, “You want to make sure that your children have the best nutrition that they can have, but you also need to lead by example. And you need to do that for yourself as well.” So they start eating breakfast and then they start feeling better because they have more energy, so they are able to do things that they want to do for themselves. They are able to do things for the people in their community. They are able to do things for their family. So, as they start eating a diet that’s more nutrient-dense, it’s usually a whole foods diet that I recommend for them, than all of a sudden they notice that their weight begins to change and they start to release weight, and the reason why they are releasing weight is because they are feeding themselves with what they are putting inside their body. They are consciously paying attention to themselves and what makes them feel good and what makes them feel energized. And as they start releasing weight, people start to notice. They start to see that they are carrying themselves differently, that their weight begins to change. They start to get into their skinny jeans. I was talking about this with someone yesterday, wear their good jeans or their cute dress that they hadn’t been able to wear in a period of time and their confidence starts to change. So their esteem starts to change; their confidence starts to change; their paying attention to themselves start to change. So it’s not always about the weight that they are carrying being bad for them from a health perspective, but from an emotional and taking care of themselves and an esteem perspective. They start to see that and as they start paying attention to that than other areas of their life begins to change.
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