Which healing foods enhance healthy reproductive systems?


Did you know there are certain foods that can help keep your reproductive system healthy? Dr. Maoshing Ni highlights some healing foods and the benefits they offer.

Transcript Well, when it comes to reproductive system, it is very important to know what you can do to enhance it. My female patients are always asking me, “Dr. Mao, what can I do to increase my libido?" Or in the case of infertility, “What food should I eat to increase my fertility?” Well, besides my answer which is, "Read my brother’s book." He has a book called “Dao of Fertility,” which if you’re interested in fertility, you should read that book. But let’s look at the foods that I brought here – garlic, aha. This, I would say universally regarded as an aphrodisiac, but if you can stand the smell. But I happen to love it, and it does do just that. It’s the volatile oil, the allicin, it’s so wonderful. It stimulates blood flow. It opens up the blood vessels and helps to excite the nervous system. So this is good. What about ginger here? Well, the ginger root expands and also increases the circulation and so is a way of stimulating the flow of energy, very important for reproduction, for libido, and so forth. Now what does the orange have to do with it? Oh my goodness, orange. Well, we’re really more interested in the peel, and you will find that when you go out to a Chinese restaurant, you’ve got orange peel beef, you’ve got orange chicken, you’ve got orange, and it’s really the peel we’re talking about. We’re not actually looking at the orange itself. So take the peel, you dry it and you can make a tea out of it. You could cook with, usually meat dishes, and because what it does is there is a compound called PMF, which is a very potent compound that helps to reduce cholesterol, helps to increase circulation. The volatile oil, which is the citrus oil in the peel, can also stimulate the central nervous system and therefore stoking the sexual fire. Spinach. Now there’s a reason why Popeye ate lots of spinach. He was big and strong, but hey, it can work for a woman too, huge amount of minerals in it, iron for example, and other minerals like magnesium, calcium. So spinach, considered one of these very potent reproductive foods. Finally, black beans, aha, black beans. Well, you will have heard me talk about black beans in my other talks here, and well, black beans filled with vital estrogen, filled with vital hormones. It’s considered kidney tonic in Chinese medicine, and the kidney system underlies the reproductive system in Chinese medicine. It might be a little different from how Western medicine views the whole reproductive system, but it’s because in Chinese medicine, when we say kidneys, we don’t just talk about the kidney organ, we talk about the whole system that includes the hormonal system. So in summary, if you are interested in good reproductive health, there you have it, folks – enjoy.
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