How to do a messy bun and freshen up your hair


Looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that can easily transition from day to night? Then join hair stylist Amita Moticka as she demos of her favorite natural hair products which help maintain a your clean stylish look, no matter the time of day.

Transcript Hey, Amita. You know me, I'm super low-maintenance. What can I do to freshen up my hair during the day and then take it into evening so I don't have to go home and I can just go straight from the office out? You have beautiful hair, and I have some great tips for you. So let's take your hair down take a look. So you have beautiful natural curl, and over the day it's gotten a little bit flyway and frizzy. So let's just say if you had oilier texture, I might go in with a little bit of dry shampoo and either apply it into my hand or directly to the scalp. Making sure that you stay away from the hairline and/or your parting. Because you don't want it to show, you want to just sort of have it give you volume and take away oily residue. So you would take small sections, apply the dry shampoo to your roots. Lifting the hair, applying it. Apply it through your whole head if needed, and massage through. And that gives a nice amount of volume, as well as taking care of all your oily bits and pieces. Now, to take care of the mid-shaft to the ends, I might go in with a light hair changer or a light gel, apply a little bit to my hands. Run it through flat-handed, because that also helps pull down the frizz, calming it down with my fingers. And once you're done with that, make sure you run over your hairline just a little bit where it might have gotten a little bit more frizzy through the day. And then I'm going to go back through and then scrunch. If I want a lot of volume, I'm going to have you flip your head upside down. And if I just want to reactivate the curls, I'm just going to tilt your head to the side. OK, so now we're going to do a quick transition from day to night. And this one's a really simple nice transition because it's based off a ponytail. So you can choose to put your ponytail anywhere that it's most flattering or is most comfortable for you. But tonight, because I want to dress it up a little bit, we are going to go just above your crown. So you don't have to worry about if your hair isn't a perfect ponytail, because all this softness is going to come into play and be part of the style. If you have fine hair, you can put a little back combing underneath to anchor it. I'm going to use a soft-coated rubber band, check that my ponytail is centered, because there's nothing worse than an off-centered ponytail. Tight, easy. Again, slightly messy. Secure it. If you have finer hair and it doesn't secure particularly well, you can put in some bobby pins to anchor it. From there, I'm going to take two sections. I am going to start by twisting these sections in the same direction. So they're both going to the right currently. And then once they're tightly twisted to the right, I am then going to go to the left with them, continuing to keep my tension but going in the opposing direction which keeps the twist from unraveling and more defined. I'm using a clear, wax rubber band so as it's not to show. And then I'm just going to twist around and create a bun. Coming in, tucking under using small bobby pins to anchor. Pulling little pieces out, because messy is what you want it to look like. So now I'm just shaping it like sculpture. Making sure it fits your face shape and your head shape. Make sure you look in the mirror really quickly just to make sure you're balanced. And then once you get that, I like to just kind of mess it up one last time. I'm going to run through a light hairspray here. Two ways of doing this-- one is I actually just apply it to my hand if it's a wetter hairspray. And then just use my hand to sort of drag through and that gives it a little bit more of a slight raked feeling. I'm going to do a little through your nape, and again just raking it up towards the ponytail. And if you really want to move a lot of the frizziness out, you can go again flat-handed, but leave your bun just a little bit messier. And then from a distance, take a light mist of hairspray and kind of scrunch the bun area. And remember, messier is better. It's OK to pull out bits around your ears, up through here a little bit more, adjust to your liking. So remember to keep a few bobby pins, elastics in your purse so if you want to transition from day to night you'll always have it there for you. That's great. It seems really easy. It is really easy and it looks great on you. Thanks.
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