Tips to help reverse depression


Many women suffer from anxiety or depression at some point in their life. Psychotherapist Carole Klein shares ways to reverse depression.

Transcript Well, there aren’t any quick, easy tips to give someone. There are things if they are slightly depressed that will help them, like exercise always helps, getting out and mingling with other people always helps, giving to other people and not thinking about yourself will help, finding joy and laughter, there are many things. But if you’re seriously depressed, if you’ve been in that depression for a number of weeks then you do need to talk with someone and find out what kind of concepts you have that are causing the depression. What’s driving you into a feeling of not finding joy and happiness in life that you used to enjoy and the different elements of your life that you have lost or you have felt somewhat down about. If you’re feeling down and can’t get yourself up, well then you do need someone to help you, really just change thinking, concepts, because that’s what we are doing. We are looking at where a person has maybe thought in a way that they are worthless or that they are unloved or that they have done things that no one could ever forgive them for. Or they are just disliking themselves for certain reasons or they think other people are or they can’t think their way out of a home life situation. There are lots of reasons for feeling down and those reasons and concepts they have tell them it’s hopeless, it’s not going to work out, but that’s really true.
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  • Carole Klein

    Carole Klein M. Ed LPC NCC Carole Klein is a nationally certified psychological counselor assisting patients in the treatment of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. She's appeared on television and radio talk shows and her columns have been featured in local magazines. more about this expert »

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