How to get a natural makeup look using mineral makeup


Have you seen mineral-based makeup at the beauty counter lately and wondered if it's actually good for your skin? Professional makeup artist Nichole Servin says it is! Watch her demo a quick and simple application routine so you too can start wearing mineral makeup and looking glam!

Transcript I want to have like, a daily routine that's simple and quick. But I still want to have some coverage. I want it to be natural, like me, but a more pretty me. Got you. You really just want to bring out the potential? Yes. Exactly. Got you. OK, great. So let's go ahead and get started. The first thing we're going to do is I'm going to start out and just give you a little mist of rose water and glycerin. I use it on myself every day. It's a nice way to refresh my skin. It also has a natural moisturizer. Oh, yeah. That's really refreshing. And then I just like to pat it in. My suggestion for you would be to use the mineral tint, because it has a really natural finish. It's going to look like your skin. It's really easy to apply. And it's great for any type of blemishes, because it's great for sensitive skin. It's a good idea to always to test out the colors. That way, you don't have a line of demarcation, or you have a different color face. You know? Yeah. So I put a little bit on the back of my hand. Then I'm going to get a Q-Tip. And this is what you would do for yourself. I'm going to start at the center of your cheek. And then I just work my way down. Now the tinted moisturizers, any tinted moisturizer, tends to have a little bit more warmth in it. That's what gives you a glow. So you'll see a difference in it. What you want to notice is when you blend it, that it blends away. OK. So that color looks perfect on you. Yeah? Great. All right. So I'm going to start applying. What I like to do is I like to start at the center of the face. The center of the face is usually what has the most discolorations around the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. Yeah. It's where we see blemishes and whatnot. So go ahead and look straight up for me. I'm going to start around the eyes. I'm just applying and working in downward strokes. So when you're putting this on, it's a good idea to go ahead and go around. Like, bring it down to your neck. It's a moisturizer, so it's all right to kind of use it wherever. And again, you want to just blend it into your hair line, because you really don't need a lot of makeup here. Now the reason I just went in with the tinted moisturizer all over and didn't start with concealer is because I like to see how much coverage this gives before having add more makeup. So that looks really pretty. You have a really pretty glow right now. Thank you very much. What I want to do is I want to just do a little bit of coverage on some of the blemishes. So I'm going to use this is ZuZu concealer. We can just go in and spot treat it. Put a little bit on your brush. Go ahead and look straight up. And start at the center over here, and then just around the outside. See how I'm padding it? Yeah. Really delicate. Very delicate. And then I'm going to go over it with the sponge. Now does that just help with blending? Yes, because it's dry. Sometimes with your fingers, you have natural oils on your fingers, and it makes it harder for it to blend. That makes a lot of sense. Now that looks really pretty. Thank you. Now let's do the top of your eye. And that's going to be the same application. Close. See, I'm just placing it on. And the other side too. And does that like, brighten the eyes? I'm just evening out the skin tone. Oh, OK. Because the skin's very thin on your eyelids, so you can see a lot of the blood vessels and whatnot. That's why there can seem like there's a discoloration. And since we're going for natural, I think it's a good idea to conceal you. So that looks really nice. Now I'm going to put a little bit of power on you. And this is also their powder brush, which I really like. Now see, I'm just lightly dusting. Yeah. I'm actually going to use this powder as your eye shadow. Really? This is what I do all the time. Wow. I've never thought to do that. Because you just want your eyes to look how they do. And we're going to enhance them with a little bit of mascara. We'll go with another approach. So it's all about blending? Blending is the key to natural makeup. OK. Nice. So the next step is bronzer. And this is luster. It has like, a gold sheen. And then it has a nice matte bronzer. Is it important to have two different shades? It just depends what you want. If you want a glow for a highlight, then you want the sheen. So I'm going to use this blush brush from Mineral Fusion. And I'm going to go-- so I'm just tapping it like that. And I always tap the brush off to get any excess product off. So you really don't need much at all. No. And then just following your cheek bone. This is a dual palette. It has a glow or a sheen. So I'm going to apply that in your highlighting areas just to give you a little bit more pizazz. Awesome. I'm going to use the same blush brush. I'm just using the tip of it. OK. Again, brush it off right here. So right above, kind of, where you put the bronzer? Yes. Right at the top of your cheekbone. Your highlight areas are all the parts that are high on your face. So wherever your cheekbones are, that little spot above. The tip of your nose above your brow bone. The tip of your chin. Those are highlighting areas. I mean, it's the higher part of your face. You can remember it that way. That does make a lot of sense. Now I'm going to go in and use the powder that I used all over your face. I'm going to put it on your eyes. Do you want to close your eyes? What I'm doing is I'm blending the tinted moisturizer and concealer, because it started to crease a little bit. Which is natural. Your eyes open and close, so naturally if you have any type of emollient product, it's going to crease, which is why I suggest using a powder to set it. And see how I'm just tapping it when I'm placing it on? Yeah. You don't need to wipe. Just press it on. And then I'm going to go around your nose. And everywhere else, I put in the smaller spots. OK. You're set. Perfect. You have really great brows, and they have a nice color. And what I want to do is I just want to accentuate the shape. So it doesn't require a lot of makeup. And I really like, Mineral Fusion has this color called Rough. I like the name of it. But it's a really pretty taupe. The best way to fill in your brows naturally is to look at the shape, and then just go in where you think you need a little bit more. So that would be like, up here in your brow. Like right where the arch is, because I want to accentuate that. And I'm just going to brush it in too with a brush to blend it. So here, and then a little bit at the front of your brow. And just be gentle. Be delicate with the application. That's short, little strips. Exactly. This is an eyeliner brush. And that just blends it all? Mm-hm. I like the brush because this is an eyeliner, so it blends it into your skin. And sometimes, it kind of comes out of your eyeball area, so just go over and clean up any excess makeup. OK. So let's do the other side. And see how I'm using the brush in the direction that your hair grows? Yeah. And again, just remember, a big rule with makeup, especially natural makeup, is blending and remembering that wherever you put the color first, it's going to be the most saturated. So our next step is mascara. I'm going to use the Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara. Which you have beautiful eyelashes already, you have a nice curl, so the lengthening will enhance you even more. I'm using Graphite, which is the black. I'm choosing to go with the black because you have darker brows. It's going to bring out more of your eye color and just look a lot more dynamic. Awesome. So what I'm doing, because I'm applying this on you, I'm going to spoolie. But for you, you would just use it directly out of the want. OK. Now look straight down. What I'm doing is so that you can blink your eye while I'm doing this, so feel free to. I'm starting right the base. Feel that? Yeah, like a little jiggle back and forth. Exactly. And then I'm going to the outside. And then I'm going here. I like to think of it almost like, when you do your hair, getting the roots boosted. And then go in, and I do the top of the lash too. And curl it. So that way, all of your eyelashes are totally saturated and covered with mascara. All right. I'm going to go ahead and go do your other eye. So let's turn your head right here, and look straight down again, it's important to do the mascara for a natural look, because it really brings out your eyes. You're creating a frame around your eyes, so that's going to help your eye color to stand out, and just for everything to kind of-- just really, it's going to enhance your bone structure and make you look awake. Draw attend? Mm-hm. Perfect. So my suggestion for this makeup look right now with the mascara is just to keep it on your top lash line. It's going keep your eyes more open and more fresh. Oh, perfect. And our last step is lips. I'm just going to use the lip gloss. I know a lot of women aren't keen on pink, but pink looks good on everybody. And why that is, it just brings out that healthy glow. Green or blue eyes, it's going to enhance them. Beautiful. I think you look great. Thank you. I feel great. I mean, it doesn't even feel like I'm really wearing that much makeup. I can't even feel it. Well, that's exactly the whole point. So, we succeeded. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. This is going to be an easy makeup routine. Great. Thank you.
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