How to play your iPod in your car


Professional Driver, Tanner Foust, discusses how to upgrade your cars sound system so you can enjoy digital, uncompressed music right from your iPhone® or iPod® using an integrated OEM or original equipment manufacturer system.


You've got a nice car with a decent system and some great music all on your iPhone. Are you really going to try to play your tunes through some tiny headphone jack plugged into your stereo? I don't think so. I'm Tanner Foust, and I'm going to show you a way to upgrade your sound system so you can enjoy digital uncompressed music right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can do it through an integrated OEM, or original equipment manufacturer system, like this one.


Let's take a look at what it is, how it works, and most importantly, why it sounds better. There are several types available and they all have different features. This one comes with a master unit, a cradle, and a remote control. So when you get into your car, you can easily just snap in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Now it's nice and secure. This'll even charge your device for you while it's in there. The cradle will send your music to the master unit for digital signal processing. The master unit, which hides nicely under your seat, makes your tunes sound crisper and cleaner. It's got a digital equalizer, some digital high and low pass filters, and digital time alignment. It's like going from a regular engine to a turbo charged one.


From there, your tunes are pushed out to the amp and speakers, which improves the sound. To go bigger, add a sub-woofer, which gives you fuller sound in that low frequency you love. And then there's a remote for when you're out of your car. You can switch sources on your iPod Touch to your stereo, change tracks and volume, even adjust bass, treble, and balance to fine tune your sound. Integrated OEM systems like this hook into your existing stereo so you can keep the clean look of your dashboard.


Once you have it installed, you can listen to all the tracks on your iPhone, and everything you play is tighter, crisper, and bumps a little bit harder. OK, a lot harder. I'm Tanner Foust for Sony with Howdini. For more information, visit

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