How to connect your iPod to your car stereo


Take your music on the go! Join, Tanner Foust, Professional Driver and music enthusiast, as he explains several ways to play music from your iPod® in your car.


I'm Tanner Foust, and these days, everyone has an iPod or digital music player they want to use in their car, right? IPod music players are great for taking music wherever you go, but what do you do when you get in your car? Well, there are a couple things you can do. One way to get you tunes playing in your sound system is through this little hole right here, the headphone jack. You remember back in the day using that fake cassette tape with the wire coming out of it. If you've got a tape player in your car, that'll actually still work. You won't get the best sound, but it'll do the job.


Your next option is your head unit. Look for an input jack and plug one end into it, and the other end into your iPod. Simple as that. Both options will work fine. But do you really want bad sound quality and cords hanging all over the dash and your iPod sliding everywhere? I don't think so. If you want the cleanest look and the best sound and the easiest control of your music, you should check out a receiver that has a built in dock for your iPod.


Take this one for example. It's got a hidden tune tray that you can actually drop most iPod models into. No more wires, no more iPod falling on the floor, just a nice, clean look and control through the receiver's buttons. Plus it also has an external USB that allows you to charge your phone on the go. So it's pretty cool, and that's it. It's pretty simple.


You've got some quick and easy options to get your iPod hooked up in your car system, and then some options that'll keep the wires out of sight and give you the best sound quality possible for your tunes. I'm Tanner Foust for Sony with Howdini. For more information, visit

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