What are the best car subwoofers?


Professional Driver, Tanner Foust, teaches you how to take your car's stereo system to the next level by adding a subwoofer! Several types of subwoofers are discussed to help you determine which mobile audio system best fits you and your ride.


Hear that? Nice bass, right? That's the kind of sound that I like. I'm Tanner Foust, and I'm going to show you how to add a subwoofer to really make your ride bounce.


Let's start with your options. You could buy a raw sub, an enclosed sub, a powered sub, or a custom subwoofer system. They're all a little different, so you've got to figure out what's going to work best in the car you're driving.


If you really know what you're doing, you could go with a raw subwoofer. But then you've got to get a box for it, and an amp, and install it in the right spot. The upside is, if you install it correctly, you'll have a beautiful sound system in your car.


If that's too much manual work, you might want to check out an enclosed sub. They've got the box built around them, which makes the installation a lot easier. You'll still need to find an amp with enough juice to run the sub. But these also offer beautiful sound, if installed correctly.


Your next option is the all-in-one powered sub. The sub's in there. The box is there. The amp is there. And the installation is easy, so you have beats in no time. The downside, powered subs are usually a little bit smaller and don't really bump out the bone shaking bass.


For my car, I went for a full-on digital sound processor, otherwise known as a DSP package. This system comes with extra features you won't get if you install your own. This one includes a DSP controller, a wireless remote, and a dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Now let's talk about the benefits of having an integrated system. This one has a master control unit that gets hidden out of sight. It also delivers clear sound with a digital equalizer and a low-pass, high-pass filter. Plus you can set time alignment for your sub based on your listening preferences. For example, if you like to feel the bass right in your back, you can choose the near setting.


It even has pre-programmed sound stage settings that let you customize your listening experience based on car type, such as truck, sedan, or SUV, where the sub's located, and whether you have a trunk or not. This eliminates the need to tweak or fine-tune audio settings to match your specific car. Why do you want all this? Well, it makes you feel like you're in the middle of a concert even though you're in your car.


So it's your choice. Do it yourself with individual components or go for a system that packages it all up for you. I'm Tanner Foust, for Sony, with Howdini. For more information, visit sony.com/howdini.

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