What books to pack for vacation & travel reading


Love reading but not lugging all your books and magazines around with you? New York Times Bestselling Author, Lori Gottlieb, shows you how you can travel light while still having access to all of your reading materials at your fingertips.


Hi, I'm Lori Gottlieb. I love to read when I'm on vacation. But I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to carrying heavy baggage. So today, we're going to talk about how to travel light and still have access to all of your reading material.


When selecting books, consider where you're going and how much time you'll have to read. Long flights are great for the novel or mystery that you've always wanted to read. But shorter flights are better for newspapers or magazines.


Now, the next thing to start considering is the number of books you should bring. If you're going on a cross country road trip, you want to bring anywhere from, say, 10 to 20. But if you're going on a short day trip to the beach, you'll only need a couple.


Your best bet is to load an eReader, like this one, with a lot of choices. It's also great because it's light, compact, and ultra-portable. Next up, you'll have to decide what to read. Consider your favorite authors, movies that started as a book, or go online to see what other book clubs are reading. You can also research bestsellers lists to get ideas.


Here's a tip. If you're checking out books from the library, be sure to get the books as close as possible to the day that you're actually leaving to avoid fines. Better yet, use an eReader like this to download from your local library. The books expire automatically, so there are no more late fees.


It's kind of a no-brainer. The easiest way to bring all of your favorite reading material everywhere is to use one of these. I mean, they're portable, and it even has an anti-glare screen so you can read at the beach.


eReaders also offer access to a wide variety of reading content, such as books, magazines, and newspapers. And some digital readers also allow you to open PDF files. Here's an idea. If you're visiting a new area, download travel guides. You can also download maps before you go so you don't get lost.


Most eReaders have wireless capabilities that allow you to download almost anywhere. But be careful when you're traveling internationally, because your service may not extend to other countries. So make sure to download everything before you go.


Have fun on your vacation. And remember, you can either pack all of this, or take this. I'm Laurie Gottlieb for Sony with Howdini. For more great ideas, visit sony.com/howdini.

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