Best headphones for running & working out at the gym


Join Glamour Expert, Jessica Harlow as she shares her favorite tips and tricks on how to access her phone and music while working out. Who knows, maybe the key to staying in shape is as easy as finding the right music and headphones for you too!

Transcript Hi. I'm Jessica Harlow, and today we're going to talk about how to get easy access to your phone and music while working out.
First you'll want to buy yourself a pair of exercise-friendly headphones, ones that are not only comfortable but that will also stay in place while you're active. There's nothing more annoying than headphones that slip out of your ear. Silicone rubber earbuds like these fit great and provide long-term comfort. Some earbuds are even available in a variety of colors that you can match to you phone case or your workout clothes.
Look for a pair that have an inline remote like these, so that way you can change tracks and control volume on the go. I also like my earbuds to have an inline microphone the lets me make calls without having to take them out. And also don't forget sound quality. My music really pumps me up and sets the mood for my work out. And if you're anything like me, finding the right headphones and music could be the secret to being in great shape.
Another way to get easy access to your phone and music while working out is to use an exercise case. In general, a belt loop case or holster work fine for people that walk or power walk. Those that tend to do more high-impact exercises, like jogging or running, may need to find a more secure or tight fitting holder.
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