How to stream Pandora to your iPod/iPhone docking station


Love your Pandora® music? YouTube sensation and musician, Dave Days demos how to access and stream your favorite Pandora Internet radio stations from your iPod® or iPhone® to your iPod® speaker dock.

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Hey guys. Dave Days here. I was just listening to my favorite band using the Pandora app on my iPhone. But I've got some friends coming over soon and, well, one pair of headphones isn't really going to cut it. I need to play Pandora for everyone, and it better sound good.
I think I've got a solution. Check it out. Now I've got the Pandora stations that will be perfect for this party right here on my iPhone. But to blast them out and get some bodies on the dance floor--
--I'll need an iPhone doc like this one. It's got big, high quality speakers, plenty of power, and it's waiting for an iPhone to supply the music. We'll slide this puppy into the cradle, turn everything on, select the Pandora app, and Bingo. Just like that I've got an instant party. I can even switch things up from across the room with a simple remote control.
And when my buddies come over they can wirelessly stream their personal music playlists or favorite Pandora channels from their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. This allows anyone to control the music without having to doc their phone to the speaker and potentially miss phone calls, texts, or emails. The Bluetooth audio streaming feature also extends to other devices such as iPads and tablets. All you have to do is pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the docking system and you're ready to start streaming music.
Now it's time to crank it up.
The heavy bass makes it seem like the band's jamming in the same room.
OK. I just showed you a great way to take Pandora from your headphones to the rest of the party with a sweet iPhone doc. It's great music, great sound, and all I need now is friends. Friends? Friends? Friends?
That must be them now. So if you'll excuse me, I've got a party to throw.
I'm Dave Days for Sony with Howdini. For more information visit
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