How to enjoy watching YouTube videos on an iPhone/iPod docking station


Want a mini home theater system with epic sound? Join YouTube sensation and musician, Dave Days as he shows you the best way to accompany your favorite YouTube videos with amazing sound by docking your iPod® or iPhone® to an iPod® speaker dock.

Transcript Hey guys, Dave Days here. Check this out, it's my new iPod dock. Pretty cool, huh? It's got great sound, lots of bays, and I can listen to my favorite music all day long. But some iPod docks, like this one, do something else, they let you watch video. So you can watch me on YouTube. I've got my iPhone in the cradle like so. And instead of playing music from iTunes or Pandora, I'm going to go to the YouTube app and stream a video.
OK. Anybody can do that, right? Well, here comes the thing that will blow your mind. Watch this. This dock has bluetooth audio streaming. So your iPhone doesn't even have to be hooked up to the dock to get great sound. You can wirelessly stream your music playlists or audio from a YouTube video from any bluetooth enabled device to the dock's speakers. Even an iPad or tablet. No wires or dock are necessary. It's so cool.
You can walk around with it, hold it up closer for a better view of that epic guitar solo. That's me. Or turn it sideways, for a widescreen view. All while the dock's speakers deliver killer sound from across the room. Sounds good, huh? Not only can you play YouTube, but you can also stream stuff from Netflix too.
And if you have other movies or video on your iPod or iPhone, you can watch them right here with glorious, rich, clear sound. You can thank me later for showing you this sweet trick. And the next time some friend of yours thinks an iPod dock is just for listening to music, you can drop some knowledge on them.
Well, that's it my friends. I'm getting back to watching this awesome band. Wow, this guy's really good looking. I'm Dave Days for Sony with Howdini. For more information go to
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