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If you like listening to music you'll love this quick "101" rundown on iPod® docks! Technology Guru, Veronica Belmont covers all the great features iPod® docking systems have to offer, as well as how to optimize their performance for the best listening experience.

Transcript So you've decided to free your digital music from your iPod and get a docking system that will let you play your music out loud and in high quality? Cool, but now what? Hi there, I'm Veronica Belmont, and I'm going to take you through some of the great features of docking systems and show you how to optimize their performance. Of course, every iPod dock on the market works a little differently, but I'm going to use this one to show you the basics.
First, let's take a look at what you really want to know, how to play favorite songs. Start by attaching your iPod or iPhone to the dock like this. This one has a flip out dock. Just pop it in and you're ready to go. Remember that you may need to use an included adapter depending on which model iPod you have.
Once your iPod is docked, simply turn on your dock and iPod and hit play. You can select the music you want right on the device, or some like this one have easy to use touch sensitive controls. Just touch lightly to navigate. Many docks also come with remote controls, like this one, so if you're further away from your music you can still play exactly what you want.
Tired of your own music and want to hear the radio? If your dock has an FM tuner, you can change the function to radio and select your favorite station. And if local stations aren't to your liking, you can even stream internet radio from Pandora. Switch the function back to iPod, launch the Pandora app from your connected iPod Touch or iPhone. Then select your favorite Pandora station, and you've instantly got music.
One more way to get your music pumping through this great speaker is with an external connection. See here on the back? If your dock has one of these, you can use an audio cable to hook other music sources, like a second music player or Android smartphone directly into your dock. OK.
Now let's talk about how to get the best sound from it. Place your iPod dock in an open space and make sure that the speaker is facing towards the area that you'll be sitting or standing. This will give you the best sound. Ideally, you want the dock to be about listening height. Keep it roughly at ear level when sitting or standing to ensure you get the highest quality sound possible. And finally, distance from walls is important. Placing a dock closer to a wall will make a bigger bass, while moving it away creates a tighter bass response.
iPod docks are one of the best ways to play your music so that everyone can enjoy it. Now, you can be confident that whichever dock you choose, you'll be enjoying the music you love in no time. I'm Veronica Belmont for Sony with Howdini. For more information visit
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