How to use a playlist on your iPod/iPhone docking station alarm


Starting your day off right just got easier! Join YouTube sensation and musician, Dave Days, as he wakes up and teaches you how to easily create an alarm from your personal music playlist and say "Good Bye" to that dreaded, old school beeping noise!

Transcript OK, who really wants to wake up to that noise?


Ah, much better. I'm Dave Days, and I'm glad you could join me this morning. Although waking up in the morning is never fun, I'm going to show you how to make it less painful. I can tell you from experience waking up to your favorite music is much more pleasant than [BEEPING ALARM NOISE].

There are three basic steps to having the music you want wake you up. Step one, create a playlist. If you've ever used iTunes, you know how to create a playlist and sync it to your iPod or iPhone.

Now the music you choose is really important. If someone trying to wake me up to slow jazz-- [JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING]-- I'd probably fall back asleep. But slow jazz may be your thing, I don't know.

Me, this is more my alley. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Now that's going on my playlist. Word!

Step two, hook your iPod up to your docking system and set the alarm. Now every iPod dock is different, but basically you just click your iPod in, then press and hold the Alarm Set button until it starts flashing.

Then use the plus and minus keys to set the alarm to 7:30. OK, 2:00 PM. That's better.

Once the time is set, push the Alarm Set button again until it says iPod, because you know, you want your iPod to play, obviously.

The dock will also let you select a volume, because you don't want to be woken up to someone yelling in your ear. Do you? No. Of course not.

You can also select a two, five, or seven day alarm cycle. Because I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is to be woken up early on the weekend.

Now comes the best part. Step three, go to sleep. Close your eyes and dream of rainbows, unicorns, those giant lollipops, whatever, until your iPod dock wakes you up with the playlist you created.

If you'd rather wake up to the hip sounds of your favorite radio station, you can do that too. Instead of selecting iPod with the Alarm Set button, keep pushing it until you see Radio come up.

And that's pretty much it. Tomorrow morning you can thank me when you wake up to much better spirits with tunes you pick yourself-- [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING]-- instead of something that sounds like the emergency response system.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some shut eye to catch up on. I'm Dave Days for Sony with Howdini. For more information, check out
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