How to shoot a skateboarding video


Dude, how stoked are you to go bust out a sick session and get some air on that 180? OK, so we may need to work on our skater slang, but we do have digital filmmaker Joe Penna and professional skateboarder Adam Taylor to show us how to shoot a skateboarding video in HD. (P.S., Don't forget your helmet.)

How to shoot a skateboarding video

Digital filmmaker Joe Penna and professional skateboarder Adam Taylor to show us how to shoot a skateboarding video in HD.

  • Shoot as many angles as possible. But remember, safety first.
  • Use a lightweight camera with a swivel lens to go back and forth between filming.
  • Image stabilization is also helpful when capturing action in HD.
  • P.S. Don't forget your helmet.



Transcript JOE PENNA: Hey, I'm Joe. I'm here to talk to you about how to shoot a skateboarding video using this great little guy here.

Come on; let's go to the skate park. You guys might not know this, but I'm actually a pretty amazing skateboarder--I'm not going to brag or anything. I'm so amazing, in fact, that I get to work with Adam Taylor, who is one of the best pro skaters around.

ADAM TAYLOR: So Joe, let's see those tricks you've been bragging about.

JOE: Uh, actually, I need to show these guys how to shoot a video first, so why don't you go first, and then I'll teach you some of my--some of my tricks.

ADAM:  All right then.

JOE: All right. Let's go. You always want to be safe, but make sure to get some awesome angles. This camera has a swivel lens that allows me to go back and forth between filming. We both get a piece of the action. Okay. Hold this for a sec?

ADAM: Whoa, Joe. What are you doing?

JOE: What? This camera is super lightweight. You're not even going to feel anything.

ADAM: I don't think that's what they meant.

JOE: All right. Whatever. But I have an extra one in my pocket just in case you fall.

ADAM: In case I fall? I'm not going to fall.

JOE: Here you go, man. Just hit the record button.

ADAM: All righty. Let's do this. Easy stuff. Easy.

JOE: This camera has some image stabilization to make sure your footage looks awesome in HD.

ADAM: Whoohoo. All right, Joe. Let's see these tricks you've been talking about all day. Wow. Joe, that was real impressive.

JOE: Yeah, thanks. Ohh. No wonder this thing isn't working. You got it to shoot video, man. You gotta shoot the pictures.

ADAM: Oh, pictures?


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