How to Wash a Swim Suit


Washing swimsuits helps protect them from the damaging effects of saltwater, chlorine and whatever else comes their way. It's easier than you think and the small amount of time you put in will mean many more years of wear. Howdini shows you how.

Transcript Saltwater, chlorine, sunscreen and other contaminants will cause swimsuits to become brittle, faded and stretched out. The same goes for throwing them into the washing machine or dryer. Remember that a swimsuit is an intimate garment and also absorbs body oils, bacteria and odors. So, while a quick rinse will help decrease some of these effects, suits should ideally be washed after every wear. The process is easier than you think. Only a few materials are needed: a sink or small basin, a gentle detergent or even a gentle hand soap, plus towels and a flat surface. First, rinse your suit in cool water. Ideally, this should be done as soon as you take off your suit. Fill the sink or tub with cold water and add detergent as indicated on the package. Place bathing suit in sudsy water and gently massage with your hands. Treat it as delicately as possible and avoid wringing or twisting which will damage the material. Remove suit, drain water and refill with clean cool water. Place the bathing suit back in the tub and gently massage to rinse. Repeat until the suit is soap free and the water is clear. Remember that the drying is just as important as the washing. Suits should not be placed in the sun to dry as that may cause fading. Hanging or clipping to lines may stretch them out and warp the shape. Instead, suits should be laid flat on top of a towel, rolled up to remove excess moisture, then unrolled and left to air dry.
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