How to create boho chic braids


Made popular by Kim Kardashian, Mary Kate Olsen and Lauren Conrad, "boho chic" braids and twists are a great way to add some extra style to your everyday look. Scott Wasserman of DEX New York shows how to create this look.

How to create boho chic braids

Made popular by Kim Kardashian, Mary Kate Olsen and Lauren Conrad, "boho chic" braids and twists are a great way to add some extra style to your everyday look. Scott Wasserman of DEX New York shows how to create this look with these simple steps… 

  1. You’ll need a tail comb, bobby pins, hair spray, and a clip.
  2. Start the braid on your hair’s part. Separate the section of hair you wish to braid from the rest of the hair by using a clip.
  3. To begin, take a small piece of hair from the top of the part and divide it into three pieces. Place the left piece of hair over the middle piece and repeat this step with the right piece of hair.
  4. Using a french braid technique, continue braiding the hair down your head until you reach the top of your ear.
  5. Finish the braid away from your head using a normal braid technique.
  6. Once the braid is complete, take a little piece of hair from above the ear and tuck that piece with the braid behind the ear.
  7. Secure the hair behind the ear using an “X” formation of bobby pins.
  8. Lastly, unclip the hair you had separated in the beginning, throw it over the braid and finish the look off with hairspray to hold down the baby hairs.




SCOTT WASSERMAN: Hi, my name is Scott Wasserman from DEX New York Studios with Today I did a very sexy boho chic braid on Kayla's hair, that all the Hollywood stars are wearing. And I'm going to show you how to create the look.

You're going to need a tail comb, some bobby pins, some hair spray and some clips to hold the hair back.

So my model Kayla, she has beautiful long locks. This type of braid, or this type of style can go with any type of hair. It could be curly, straight, short, it doesn't matter. What you want to generally look at though is where you're identified part starts.

If you're identified part starts on the side you could start the braid from where the part starts. If you have a natural part that's in the middle you're going to want to start the braids here and work it way back. With Kyla's hair, because her hair is parted on the side and it looks great, all nice and curl like this, we're going to start from right here where her natural part starts. So I'm going to take the section that I imagine that I want to braid, and I'm just going to take that out. OK.

Then what you're going to do is you're going to start from the top. Wherever the part is, take a little piece of hair, a little piece, you're going to break it in three. I have it in three sections right now. I'm going to do my first braid. Which is going to be like this. I've already started it, there's my start. I take this piece and I connect it to the underneath hair. So now I'm taking it I'm bringing it over, I'm taking this piece, and I'm connecting it with the underneath hair. See how I just connected it? So basically what I'm doing it’s called the technique, it's sort of like a French braid.

Now, I'm in the front now. This hair I'm going to connect it with this bottom piece. See? So I drop that with the bottom piece and then I'm connecting it. Then I'm going to do the same thing on top. I'm going to take the underneath hair, and I'm connecting it with that. And then I'm bringing it over. Taking this piece, there's no connection, I'm connecting it to the bottom. Any hair texture, any type of haircut, unless you have a Sinead O'connor bald cut, it's not going to work. But any texture will work with a braid.

Alright, so we're almost done with the braid. I had made it a little bit of a loose braid because it's a very relaxed, boho look. It's OK if some of the pieces are sticking out, because this hair is going to go underneath. And then you're going to trap it. You're going to take this little bit right here and you're just going to bring it behind the ear. Now when you're securing it with a bobby pin you want to do an "X" formation. The "X" formation is what's going to hold the hair in place without it moving. See? Then you're going to take the hair that you separated in the beginning, you're going to throw it over the braid.

I'm going to finish it off with Pantene Ice Shine hair spray. Just to hold down the baby hair. And Voila, there you have it. I just created the boho chic braid on Kayla.

I'm Scott Wassermann for



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