How to take great vacation videos


Vacations don't last forever, but the memories can, if you capture all the highlights on video. Here's how to get the most from your video camera, from professional photographer and America's Next Top Model co-star, Nigel Barker.

How to take great vacation videos

To capture every fantastic moment of your upcoming vacation on video, follow these great tips from professional photographer Nigel Barker:

  • Try not to speak or call out instructions to the subjects of your video. Otherwise, you will hear your own voice over the voices of the people you are recording when you play the video back.  Consider a wireless microphone to boost the sound of your subjects.
  • Keep the camera as steady as possible.  This is best achieved by holding the camera with both hands.  Most new camcorders have a steadying or stabilizing feature.  Check your on screen menu or owners guide to locate this feature on your camera.
  • Don’t shy away from dramatic low light shots.  If your camera has a spotlight, try turning it off and look for a low light feature on your camera, as it will help you to get sharper video in low lighting conditions. 
  • To remember special moments or places of your vacation, make note of dates, times, locations and other information, so when you go back to edit your video, you can put together a story line and find key footage.



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