How to shoot great birthday videos


It's easy to capture all the memorable moments at your kids' birthday parties, if you follow these simple tips from Nigel Barker, professional photographer. And yes, he's that Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model.

How to shoot great birthday videos Nigel Barker, professional photographer explains how to capture all the memorable moments at your kids’ birthday parties:
  • Use creative angles. Try from up high or down low using the tilt screen of the camera.
  • Shoot with objects in the foreground, like balloons, to capture the atmosphere.
  • Don't hesitate to capture little moments that bring the event to life, like kids swinging their feet under the table.
  • Think about where the action is going to take place and plan to shoot accordingly. You want to avoid filming the backs of peoples’ heads as much as possible.
  • Use available light, like when the candles are being blown out. If it is very dark, try pointing the light at a wall and not directly at faces.
  • Shoot a combination of videos and digital images.
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