How to take great photos of pets


Pets are easy to photograph, as long as you do it while they're sleeping. But what about those action shots of Fluffy and Spot playing and having fun? Here's Nigel Barker, professional photographer and co-star of America's Next Top Model to share his animal taming tricks behind the camera.

How to take great photos of pets Professional photographer Nigel Barker share his tips for taking great pet photos.
  • Use a digital point and shoot camera to start.
  • Work with a partner. One person should hold the toy or treats that help keep your pet’s attention. You can even rest the camera on your helper’s shoulder to steady it while having your pet look straight at you.
  • Let the camera do the work for you by using automatic features. Flash suppression prevents pet “red-eye.”
  • Shoot your pet sitting still and in action. When capturing your pet in action, utilize your camera’s blur reducing mode. If you don’t have that option, catch your pet at the end of their run or the height of their jump.
  • If your pet won’t sit still, shoot in burst mode.
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