How to create a dramatic Lady Gaga look


Professional makeup artist Katie Wedlund creates a makeup mash-up of two Lady Gaga looks from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. It's one part feathered phantom; one part lace face. We think it's a perfect look for Halloween or a masquerade ball!

Transcript Hi. I'm Katie Wedlund with and I'm going to show you how to achieve this fabulous masquerade look for the next Mardi Gras or Halloween party that you have to go to. It was inspired by a look Lady Gaga dared to don on the red carpet. We'll have fun with this one.

So, to start this look I'm going to start out with this fun little palette that I just got by Fresh to use as a primer on the one eye we will not be covering with lace. So, I'm just going to prime it with this nice lightening pink, cool, icy tone. That way, when I do put shadow over the top it's really going to enhance the pigment of the shadow. So, now that I've primed her eye, I'm going to put to put this bright vibrant hot pink by Make Up For Ever over the top of it. So because everything else is going to be so dark and black and lacey I want to really brighten this eye up and bring this pink right up to the brow bone. And, I can feather it out a bit, too. And, outline the whole eye. Then, I want to come in and line this eye with a nice, deep, dark black. And this is my favorite liner. It's actually L'oreal's HIP line; it's a gel eye liner. I just want to define this eye because this is the one eye you're going to see pop. So, now that we've got that eye defined, we're going to start with the lace coverage. So, you basically just get a piece of lace that you like, you like the pattern. First, I'm just going to lay it on to exactly where we're going to have this covering her face. So, I basically just want to mark where the lace is because next I'm going to go back and cover this whole area in a nice, thick, opaque black all over. So, I just want to  know where the lace is going to end. So I'm going to mark it very lightly. This is a nice steel toned pencil so even if I see this after I finish it will look nice with the whole look – steels and cranberries and blacks. Very dark, yet girlie. OK, I'm going to take this away because I know the general line of where the lace was. Now, I'm going to take something that you can get at many costume supply stores – Halloween Adventure, Ricky's – places like that have this grease paint. And, I have it in black here. And, I'm literally going to cover this side of her face in black and I can kind of follow the scalloped edge, but it doesn't have to be perfect because I'm going to be filling in with powder and it will take on it's own edge, but at least I know somewhat where the lace is going to lay all the way down and across where this lace would be. I hope you have a nice masquerade ball to go to tonight, Annie, because this will be perfect. Oh, absolutely. This is New York. No one will notice. Right. So, I'm just kind-of coating it because, one, I like the texture of this because when I lay the lace stencil down it's going to stick to it temporarily while I work with the powder. And as you can see, I followed a loose scalloped edge, but it doesn't have to be perfect. So now that I've got the lace portion filled in, I'm going to take my lace piece once again. We're going to press it nice and tight against her eye. So now that we've got the lace in place; this is our stencil; we are going to add the lightness so the dark actually takes on the look of the lace and the lightness will be the light in between. And I want to use some really icy, pearlescent colors. I'm going to start with this pearly lilac color. And I going to just start kind of dropping into the holes of the lace. Lace can be fun. It doesn't have to be perfect. So, I'm just kind of going around in circular motions with the purple and next I'm going to pull out this more silvery-white sort-of icy shade. So here I am applying all the way up into the hairline as well. So I just going to give it a quick little blow like that. And I'm going to add some more color. Now, this one's from a pot. This one is Tony & Tina. It's a lovely cranberry loose powder. I'm going to take a nice plume-shaped brush and I'm going to continue to drop it into these holes. And just sort-of drop it in, so it falls right into the holes. And I'm going to apply a little more pink to this lid, actually, so it kind-of mimics the other pink eye. I'm going to blow again to get the red settled into it. Come just a little cloer. Alright. Dust her off a little. Alright, so, we have fully covered the lace I colorful shimmery powders and now we're going to reveal. So, I'm going to pull it off. And look at the beautiful lace pattern that we are getting. Lovely! And I love how it sort of blended colors – a little icy, a little pink. It looks like she's actually wearing a veil on that side of her face. So, to finish off the eyes we are going to add a really bold eyelash, some fake eyelashes. Make Up For Ever has a great selection of fake lashes and these are one of my favorites. You want it to be a little bit tacky before you put it on. So, I'm going to lay them right over her lash, very close to her lash line. You can see that there's a little strip of white glue showing. Normally that does tend to dry clear, but sometimes you can still see a little bit of it there. Not a problem at all because you can go right over it with the gel liner I was showing you earlier – the HIP liner by L'Oreal. I love how this look is so dark and dramatic, yet it's so over-the-top girlie and beautiful; it's so feminine, yet dark. How does it make you feel, Annie? I feel dark and feminine. Do you feel like you could fly away with those lashes?  A little bit, if there was a wind gust. Now I'm going to do a little touch of lip. Very minimal and glossy. And this is the look. It's gorgeous. Thank you, Annie for being such a wonderful model. This looks great on you. I'm sure your going to wear it off tonight, aren't you? Oh, yes. I'm Katie Wedlund for
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