How to plant a mixed container


Watch gardening expert Kristin Schleiter's tips on how to plant a mixed container, and then design your own pots with plants you love.

How to plant a mixed container


  1. Place the shard/rock over the hole in the bottom of the pot. (Do not completely block up the hole.)
  2. Place a few scoops of soil in the pot.
  3. Take one of the larger plants out of the pot it is currently in.
  4. Loosen the soil on the bottom of the plant and tease the roots. (If there are any roots wrapped around the plant you will need to tease them or cut them.)
  5. Place the plant in the pot.
  6. Remove another plant from it’s pot and loosen the roots.
  7. Place the plant in the pot.
  8. Add a little more soil.
  9. Remove smaller plants from their pots.
  10. Arrange them in the pot.
  11. Fill in the spaces around the plant with soil. (Press down the soil gently to fill any gaps but do not pack it in too tight)
  12. Water the plants thoroughly until water comes out of the hole at the bottom.


  • Make sure the plants sit just below the top of the pot so water does not just run off.
  • It is better to water fewer times thoroughly than to water just a little bit more frequently.
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