How to make a mermaid cake


If your little mermaid dreams of a mermaid birthday party, we've got just the thing. Here's how to turn a doll into a mermaid, and how to make a cake that's inspired by the sea. Professional baker Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows us how.

How to make a mermaid cake

Preparing the mermaid birthday cake shapes and frosting

  • Trim off rounded tops from 8-inch cakes. On serving plate, place 1 round cake layer, cut side down. Spread with 1/3 cup frosting. Top with second round cake layer, cut side down. Trim off rounded top of custard-cup cake to make flat surface. With small amount of frosting, attach custard-cup cake, flat side down, to top of layer cake, lining up rounded edge with layer cake edge. Using doll as a guide, cut and remove rounded piece from custard-cup cake to make seat for doll. To make a seat for the doll in your mermaid cake, use doll as a guide, cut and remove rounded piece from custard-cup cake. (Discard cut-out piece.)
  • Spoon 3/4 cup frosting into small bowl.

Decorating the mermaid birthday cake

  • Frost sides and top of cake with remaining white frosting. To add waves, frost lower side of cake with blue frosting. Dip a fork in a few drops additional blue food color; swirl in blue frosting on cake to add wave effect. Sprinkle top of cake with colored sugars.
  • Tie hair of fashion doll in ponytail. Wrap body of doll with plastic wrap, covering bustline and leaving arms free and shoulders uncovered. With 2 fruit snack rolls, wrap plastic-wrapped portion of doll, overlapping rolls and pressing to stick together. Wrap third snack roll around legs and extend 2 inches beyond feet; press together to form a fin shape, trimming if necessary. Place doll in seat on mermaid cake.
  • To make starfish, on surface sprinkled with granulated sugar, flatten each gumdrop to make 1 1/2-inch round. Using scissors, cut 5 wedges from each gumdrop round to form a star. Pull gently to extend points of stars. Decorate cake and serving plate with starfish and sea creature candies.

The mermaid cake recipe serves 12.

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