Thy Tran

Thy Tran

Chef, Fine Cooking by The Taunton Press

Thy Tran makes a happy living listening, teaching, writing, cooking, traveling and, most importantly, eating. She has 15 years of food industry experience across a wide diversity of disciplines, from restaurants and test kitchens to magazines and newspapers.

Trained as a professional chef, she established Wandering Spoon to provided cooking classes, culinary consultation, and educational programming for culinary academies and nonprofit organizations throughout Northern California. Currently, she is a chef instructor at two respected culinary programs: the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute of CA-SF and Tante Marie’s. Thy is also the founder and director of the Asian Culinary Forum, a nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about Asian food around the world.

She co-authored The Essentials of Asian Cooking, Taste of the Worldand the award-winning guide, Kitchen Companion. Her work has appeared in numerous other books, such as Asia in the San Francisco Bay Area: A Cultural Travel Guide, and she has written for The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Saveur and Fine Cooking.

Thy works on cookbooks by day, then creates literary chapbooks by night. An old letterpress and two cabinets filled with wood and lead type occupy a corner of Thy’s writing studio, for she is as committed to the art and craft of bookmaking as she is to the power of words themselves.
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