Jenn Enloe

Jenn Enloe

Executive Producer | Howdini Guru

A video producer, writer and digital media strategist, Jenn led Howdini's editorial team and launched its content curation program, working with the industry's top publishers and content creators.  

An info junkie, obsessed with food, cocktails, beauty, fashion, interior design, and travel, Jenn was the Creator/Originator of Howdini’s original video series "Howdini Hacks", which has enjoyed viral success across the web.  One of the most successful titles to date is "7 Awesome Waffle Iron Recipes", which begs an important question: "Can I waffle that?". That video garnered over 10 million views in 6 months time, so apparently you can.

Jenn played every role at Howdini since its launch in 2007. From production assistant and prop stylist, to video producer and content manager to editor-in-chief, she did it all. OK, so she never learned how to code, but there's still time. 

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she adores her "hometown" of New York. During the work week she lives in NYC, but, ASAP on Friday, she heads to her home in the Hudson Valley with her husband Matt and her dachshund Charlie.
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