Jim Sabellico

Jim Sabellico

Personal Tech Evangelist

website: techhelpmadeeasy.com
twitter: @TechHelpTweets
facebook: TechHelpMadeEasy
blog: www.jimsabellico.com
Jim Sabellico is the President and CIO of J. Louis Technology, a web development and technology firm, and founder of Tech Help Made Easy, an online blog dedicated to providing easy to understand, personal, and trustworthy tech support for everyone.

Having spent much of his youth learning from some of the best mentors available, Jim takes his vast knowledge and experience from a diverse background, having worked in tech support and development for corporate offices, government, retail, private residences and celebrities.

Aside from his love for his family, technology, and green tea, Jim has an absolute passion for learning new things. Jim’s never-ending hunger for knowledge has earned him the title amongst friends as a jack of all trades, and master of a few of them.

Currently, Jim dedicates most of his time toward giving back to the community that helped shape his career, and to changing the face of online tech support for the better, so that people across the world will always have a friendly face to turn to whenever they need their toughest technology questions answered.

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