Cricket Azima

Cricket Azima

Chef and Author

Cricket Azima is a dynamic professional chef who specializes in cooking for and with children. Her children’s cookbook, Everybody Eats Lunch, was published by Glitterati Inc., in May, 2008. Cricket is a contributor to iVillage, an online content driven community for women. She is the Family and Children’s Editor for The Nibble, an online magazine about specialty foods. Since 1999, Cricket has been teaching cooking classes to children of all ages at various locations in New York City, including schools, Whole Foods Market, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Girl Scout groups, as well as privately held classes. As the founder and big cheese of The Creative Kitchen, Cricket works with a variety of food companies offering a range of services including spokesperson, recipe development and testing, writing, teaching, family outreach, blogging, creating webisodes, and consulting. She has worked with General Mills, Head Chefs, Fruit Simple, and Kellogg’s. Additionally, Cricket has consulted for a number of kids’ foods brands.
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