Patty Kim

Patty Kim

Correspondent, National Geographic's The Green Guide

Patty Kim is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist. She is the host of National Geographic World Talk, a weekly radio program heard nationwide on public radio stations and XM satellite. Patty also hosts and anchors National Geographic’s daily news videos, a video series on how to live green from National Geographic’s The Green Guide produced by Howdini. She has also reported for the PBS television program “Nova Science Now,” served as anchor for the National Geographic Channel’s nightly newsmagazine broadcast, “National Geographic Today;” worked as anchor and correspondent for a nightly science show on Canada’s Discovery Channel; and worked for CBC television in Montreal.
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Patty Kim from National Geographic's The Green Guide explains how you can reduce your carbon footprint at home by making simple changes around the house.

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Patty Kim, from National Geographic's The Green Guide, provides tips to stop common energy vampires and phantom power loads in the home and save money on those high electric bills.

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