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Technology moves fast, but that doesn’t mean your devices shouldn’t stand the test of time. For many of us, these are big investments worth caring for and while we can’t tell you enough to keep that cup of coffee away from your keyboard, there are even bigger threats lurking inside.

With access to information comes greater vulnerability to cyber threats. Every time you open your browser you are allowing information to be shared. Protect yourself with the right knowledge and safer online practices.

Knowing the basics about adware, spyware and viruses that can infect your computer is a great start. Check out this video to learn more about these threats as well as tips for backing up your information and using anti-virus scanners and software.

It’s a common misconception that Apple products are immune to viruses. However, even though Apple computers cannot be infected by Windows viruses, they are still susceptible to other cyber threats. Learn how to enhance your apple security and experience with effective antivirus software that fits your needs.

For this and more great tips, checkout our playlist over at Howdini's YouTube channel that covers everything from best practices to what to do if your computer is impacted by a virus. Then, head over to for more great information and special offers from our friends at ESET.
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