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Mark your calendars. Feb. 20 is “Love Your Pet Day,” and while we know you love ‘em all year round, take advantage of the holiday to treat them extra special! And remember, when it comes to our fine furry friends, it’s the little things that count!

Show your appreciation and get in some exercise for you and your dog with an extra long walk. Remember to bring water to keep everyone hydrated and maybe even find a dog park or enclosed area that allows pups to run free!

A special treat can also show ‘em just how much you care. Don’t worry if the pet store has sold out of rhinestone–encrusted collars, we guarantee they’ll be just as happy with something squeaky, feathered or bright! Treat their tummies as well, with a biscuit, some catnip, or wet food added to an otherwise dry–food diet.

While we wouldn’t suggest trying to get your cat in the bath, a lot of dogs actually like them! Let them splash around a bit and finish off with a gentle brushing.

Extra attention in any form will show your pet how much you love them. Whether it’s an extra long belly-rub or letting them keep you company on the couch, celebrate a day that rewards them just for being them!

For more great ideas, check out this gallery for 9 ways to show the love!

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