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I think we can all admit that other than a wacky Christmas sweater, themed dressing is never a good idea. So, instead of slaving over the glue gun adding heart-shaped appliques to your favorite blouse, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to put a little extra care and glamor into your look.

Dressing for our everyday lives can often leave us lacking in luster. Offices are more casual than ever and especially during the winter months, dressing becomes more about practicality and warmth than fashion. But cold weather doesn’t have to mean a lack of style. This Valentine’s Day, even if the weather is blustery–put on something extra special.

Don’t stop there! Even if the cold has got you covered up from the neck down (in your best turtleneck of course… see above), put your best face forward with the perfect makeup look. Start with a great base and give the cat-eye a try, or maybe bring in a bit of color.

Whether you’re going out on the town or opting to stay in, a little extra effort lets the person you’re with know you care–and more than that, we guarantee it’ll have you feeling great too!
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