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When we think of February, we think of Valentine’s Day and a celebration of love with the heart as the symbol. It’s also American Heart Month focused on heart health especially in women. 42 million American women live with heart disease.

On February 7 this year, we will celebrate our heart with National Wear Red Day, held on the first Friday of every February. The idea is to remind women especially that it is the #1 killer of women in the U.S. claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined, according to the American Heart Association. So don a red dress or wear red to work and tell everyone why. Ask your colleagues to join you. Find our how you can mark the day at

Women suffering heart attacks often present with symptoms very different from men and that poses a grave danger. New studies have helped doctors learn what to expect and when to treat. But women must learn about heart health and the symptoms of heart attack as well. So by wearing red, you remind everyone around you that your heart and her heart are very important–and keeping your healthy heart pumping is the most important thing you can do for yourself and those you love.

So go red!

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