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Bike Messenger Brownies
The winter just won’t quit, but for all the bundling up and shoveling out–we say, take advantage of staying in! While the warmer seasons are great for getting out in the world and saving time with quick and easy on–the–go eating, cold weather means a little extra time at home to try something new, be it a carefully cooked meal or a goodie baked from scratch.

With another cold snap coming, we’re just in time with a fresh batch of comfort food recipes from our newest Howdini experts.

Dan Whalen is a chef and blogger taking comfort food to a whole other level with fresh takes on the classics. His blog, The Food in my Beard, started as a way to keep track of the recipes he made, but has since grown into something much more than that. He is now officially an author as well, with the release of his book, Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook. It may be freezing outside, but we promise you’ll warm up with his recipes for mac ‘n’ cheese chile rellenos and mashed potato-stuffed meatballs!

Or, take a walk on the vegan side with baker, blogger and all–around cool girl, Natalie Slater. Her blog Bake and Destroy has led to an awesome book of the same name and promises “good food for bad vegans,” like these dark and chocolaty brownies with a spicy chai glaze.

So, whether you’re a carnivore, omnivore, or something in between, get cozy with these awesome comfort food recipes!
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