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The dry, frigid, winter air is causing lots of energy–static energy! How do we stop it from having our hair stand on end, our fingers getting shocked, and sparks flying off our fleece bathrobes? Here are a few tips:

Moisturize: hair and skin

Before using a blow dryer use a heat-activated conditioning spray. The spray seems to coat your hair and may keep it from getting so fly-away when you take off your hat or hood.

Use a skin moisturizer on your hands and feel free to run your moisturized fingers through your hair, too. That should help cut down on static which is caused by excessive dryness. Moisturizing your hands may also keep you from getting shocked when you touch light switches or other people.

Anti-static spray
Use anti-cling spray inside your nylon jacket, on your tights and panty hose, or under your skirt or sweater. It’s one of those things we often forget to buy–put it on your list NOW.

Cut static at home
If your apartment or bedrooms are uncomfortably dry, use a humidifier to spread a little moisture in the air, dried out by central heating. If you have radiators, put pots of water on top of them. You can add herbal tea to scent it a bit, too. Open the bathroom door and let the steam into your room – even use a small fan to blow it into the other rooms. In addition to cutting static, this will keep your nose and eyes from drying out, too.
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