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We had you covered with light fall layers and while we love the look, no denim jacket is up to anything as extreme a weather phenomenon as something being described as a “Polar Vortex”!

When the temperatures drop dressing gets a bit more technical and becomes about more than just looking good. In some cases it’s a matter of safety and health with temperatures dropping well below freezing.

There’s a reason why wool remains the trusted cold-weather textile for everyone from arctic fisherman to snow bunnies alike. It strikes the perfect balance of insulation and breathability. Whether it’s a thick and rugged Irish cable knit or the supple softness of cashmere, a wool sweater (or two or three) is a great winter layer to keep you warm and even stylish no matter what awaits you outside!

Start solid
While silk underwear may be a little old school it really is the ultimate undergarment! Silk fibers are not just great for dainty lingerie its super warmth makes for great long underwear and the perfect base layer. Sock and glove liners are also a minimal addition to provide maximal warmth.

If silk’s not quite your style, there are lots of new alternatives in high-tech fabrics. The idea here is to keep things as thin as possible, comfortable and bunch-free.

Dress from your head to your toes
While the myth that most of your body heat is lost through your head and feet may have been debunked a long time ago- we still believe it! So remember to start every look with warm socks and top it off with a thick ear-covering, hat.

While keeping yourself covered is one thing, a few more considerations go into making sure your kids are safe and ready for winter. Check out this slideshow with 11 tips for winter safety.
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