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For many folks wrapping up the holiday week, plans for traveling home or getting in a last weekend of outdoor fun may have been thwarted by a frigid blast of cold and snow. Schools which planned to open (even in New York City) are closed. Once the snow is shoveled, you may find yourself with some unexpected family time or time for yourself. What to do? Here's our list of suggestions:

  1. Make hot chocolate like a pro. Take your time and make the real thing. Here's how.
  2. Get out the board games. Get the family away from screens for a time and see what real interaction is all about. You may need few snacks on the table to make it work.
  3. Cards–you must have a deck somewhere. Learn a new game that works for the ages in your house. There's something for everyone.
  4. Bake from scratch.  You've been given a few unexpected hours together. Try something new.
  5. Dig out those old TV DVDs or find some classics and NetFlix. Maybe pick something you never watched before and hold a video marathon. (A little tech help if you need it to set up NetFlix and more on your TV or monitor.)
  6. Break out the budget. Yes, the new year is here and you need to plan ahead anyway. So do it today.
  7. Take photos from your windows and doorways. They will be good keepers and you won't have to bundle up to get them. (How to keep snow white)
  8. Unbox presents you haven't looked at yet–even that game you never thought you would play.
  9. Get on the floor. Set up the electric trains, cars and erector sets that Santa dropped off or are gathering dust in the basement.
  10. Make silly videos of your pets and kids. Capturing the moments and playing them back on a bigger screen can be loads of fun. Don't forget the popcorn.
  11. Start that scrapbook. Start a Christmas only scrapbook. Find pictures starting from a particular year. The first in your home. Your first baby and begin pages for each year. You won't forget the snow day you started it either. (You can make a video scrapbook, too.)
  12. Sit back and relax. That may be the best reason of all to have a snow day.
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