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I was invited to an old-fashioned Christmas cookie swap along with my 16-year-old daughter, the baker in our house. The host home was beautifully decorated from top to bottom with antique ornaments, Nutcrackers and, of course, a stunning tree. But the star of this show was the selection of cookies. The concept is simple: everyone bakes and everyone shares! Oh, it's also one more excuse to celebrate the holidays.

Here’s how to throw your own cookie swap.
• Invite a dozen or more home bakers.
• Ask each to bake a minimum amount of cookies–usually 2 to 6 dozen or at least twice the number of people coming.
• Ask everyone to bring an empty container
• (Or as our host did-supply a tray or holiday bags and wrap)
• Put all the cookies on the table.
• Before they leave, ask your guests to circle the table with their takeaway container
• Everyone takes 2 or more of each cookie

This way, each baker goes home with a selection of homemade holiday cookies. What could be nicer?

One more tip: ask everyone to print out their recipe and make enough copies for all the attendees. At the end of the day, you have a small cookbook’s worth of favorite treats for next year! (You could compile the recipes and email them to everyone, too.)

Here are some video tips to make:
Perfect Christmas cookie cutter cookie
Recipe for Chocolate snowball cookies

Do you have suggestions for a cookie swap?

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