Dashing through the snow

When a snowstorm transforms your yard into a winter wonderland, take full advantage. It's good for children's health!
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Backyard Olympics
After Frosty’s built and myriad snow angels are formed, it’s time for the Winter Olympics. Have your crew create a bunch of basketball-sized snowballs, then spread them out to construct an obstacle course. Get out a snow tube (an inner tube from a tire will do) and have kids pair up in teams. One person sits on the tube, and the other glides her around the snow. The first team to make it through the course without slipping or sliding off the tube wins! Then serve up some steamy hot chocolate at the finish line.

Playtime Perk: Teaches coordination and promotes teamwork.

Find the Loot
Winter winds keeping the kids indoors? There is also an indoor option. Turn would-be moaners into mates aboard a pirate ship searching for treasure. A few eye patches and bandannas, plus a quick course in pirate-speak, and you’ll have yourself a band of recruits ready for action. Hand out treasure maps that indicate where you’ve hidden fake gold coins and old silverware around the house. After the hunt, have your little swashbucklers trade in their booty for privileges, like ten extra minutes of screen time.

Playtime Perk: Encourages strategic thinking.

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